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Personal Injury Cases

The Radiologists at Camelback Imaging use state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines to capture detailed images of your patients' injuries in a safe and non-invasive manner. MRI scans have revolutionized medical diagnosis, offering unparalleled insights into the human body. The images we provide will help build your client's case by capturing soft tissue, ligament, tendon and organ injuries. We pride ourselves in providing the most detailed studies to ensure your clients receive the best medical care for their injuries. By relying on our expertise, we can help your clients receive the compensation they deserve. Camelback Radiology is honored to assist in your patient's care.

How can MRI prove my injury?

To receive financial compensation through your personal injury case, excellent medical documentation describing the injury is critical. The highly detailed results of an MRI read by our specialized personal injury radiologists can help prove your injury was related to your trauma.

When should I image?

Imaging related to a personal injury claim should be done ASAP! An MRI completed within 30 days of the accident is ideal for showing the best results. Once many weeks have passed, an injury, such as a disc herniation, can often change from an acute injury to sub-acute due to natural healing, which can make the objective findings that help support the time of the injury more obscure.

How can I reach out to you about your services?

If you are an attorney looking to learn more about how our services can best help you, reach out to our number, 480-278-2827, or to our email,, to setup a call with our owner, Dr. Alysha Vartevan.

If you are a patient who has suffered from a personal injury, contact your attorney and get them in touch with us to help get the compensation you deserve!

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