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Welcome to the Inteleconnect Referring Portal & Viewer

The InteleConnectEV Enhanced Clinical Portal gives physicians easy access to patient orders, images and reports, anywhere and anytime.


For additional assistance and troubleshooting, contact SMIL IT Support at 602.521.6373.

Inteleconnect at a Glance:

Enterprise-wide, zero-footprint access to patients' images, orders and reports.

  • Easy access to patients' imaging history for side-by-side comparison.

  • Enhanced image measurement and manipulation tools.

  • Tailored worklists for clinicians, specialists, ED physicians and more.

  • Simplified management of multiple imaging providers.

  • Secure instant messaging and notifications.

  • Critical and incidental findings workflow between radiologists, specialists and referrers. 

  • Gain insights info your referrer base with our powerful analytics module.

  • Full-fidelity (diagnostic-grade) images.

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